Terms of service

  • Appointment booking

    Travelling soon? And can't find any appointments!? Rest assured, we will work on getting you an appointment to submit your visa application in time for your trip. You don't have to lift a finger in this step!

  • Documentation support

    One thing about Schengen visas is that requirements keep updating all the time as policies change. This means that the documents required are always changing. Our insights keep us updated on this information and we will guide you on exactly what you need to provide for your application.

  • Busy? let our experts handle it!

    For a small extra fee you can apply for your Schengen visa without even having to be there! yes. Our experts will take your documents to your appointment and handle everything for you. This is perfect if you don't want to wait in the queue for hours!

  • Unlock information you never had access to!

    Our experts have worked in the documentation field for Schengen visas before. YES! they were the ones behind the counters taking the documents. Rest assured with us as you will be told everything that you need to have and in what format. Unlock criteria secrets and decisive information that you have to provide to secure yourself a high chance of getting your Schengen visa approved.

  • 24/7 support

    Our team are always available to guide you with your application. Whether you're at your appointment or it is getting close, if you need anything just get in touch with us and we will make sure to be there and guide you!

  • Suspicion proofing!

    Embassies many times do get suspicious with applicants' itineraries. They are led to think that they might be travelling to different countries than the ones they are applying for. This suspicion does often result in rejections. We will make sure that all the information you provide does not give the relevant embassies to think so. This information include: Flight ticket destination, Hotel addresses and location and many more